Cybertech is a full service, user friendly computer company operating in the Carleton Place and Ottawa Valley area. We provide on-site support for your critical and urgent computer and networking needs at your home or business.

With Cybertech, you get reliable, premium service, at very affordable rates. Our personalized service, customer focus and knowledge support set us apart from the rest!

After going to DeVry Institute of Technology for Computer Science, I worked for many years in large Hi-Tech organizations inclucing Bell Northern Research, Nortel, EDS, and CGI. I am a conscientious and hard-working computer specialist with extensive experience in computer software implementation, project management and support to home and small businesses. I am a dependable, well organized problem solver, who is able to communicate effectively at all levels of customers. I take pride in my work and accomplishments over the years, always striving for new challenges and experience.
Testimonial - No problem is too big or too small, James explains the issues clearly in plain language and then gets us back up and running.
- Harmony Florals - Dalia Bortolotti - Owner
Testimonial - When a virus strikes or the office computers are running slow, James resolves the issues quickly and efficiently.
- Platinum Investigation Inc. - Gary Hewish - Owner
Testimonial - James has provided outstanding technical support for us for several years. He gets the problems fixed when time is of the essence.
- Advantage Audio Visual Rentals Ltd. - Jeff Waito - Owner


Are popup ads annoying you and slowing down your computer? Are you being asked over and over again to purchase software or prescription drugs? Let us get rid of those ads and clean up your computer!
We offer computer check up, computer maintenance and computer tune up services. A tune-up will help to detect and prevent serious computer problems, fix slow computers, and generally optimize your computer for better performance.
We will design and setup a modern and interactive website that meets your needs. Completed site can be moved to a hosting provider of your choosing.
Need more memory for those new games? Bought a new video card or printer? Let us install and configure them for you. Or if a new computer is in your future, let us you identify your requirements and get a new desktop or laptop in your home.
Old software not working anymore? Need to upgrade to a new version or a completely different program? Let us help you complete the upgrade or new installation and migrate your data and settings.
Having Wi-Fi signal issues? Unable to connect or web pages timing out? Let us review your home network setup to identify and resolve issues.


Computer Tune-up

Based on 2hrs labour. Additional time $40/hr

Virus / Malware Removal

Based on 2hrs labour. Additional time $40/hr

Website Design & Setup

10 or less pages. Additional pages will be quoted.

Home Network Setup

Based on 2hrs labour. Additional time $40/hr


YouTube videos are designed to stream, not to sit on your hard disk or solid state drive. But sometimes there are very good reasons why you might want to save videos for watching offline. You might have slow Internet, you might commute and have a small data plan, or you might just want to save a clip for posterity because you suspect it’s about to be deleted. - PC: Any Video Converter Free: http://www.techradar.com/reviews/any-video-converter-free - Android: TubeMate: http://tubemate.net/
Reason 1: Search and make money with Microsoft Rewards. If you have a Microsoft account, you can earn five points per Bing search on a desktop PC, up to 150 points per day. For roughly 475 credits, Microsoft will give you $5 to spend at Amazon, or Target, Burger King, Starbucks, or other merchants. Reason 2: Search results: As good or better than Google’s. Bing makes better use of that vast, white space on the right side, displaying contextual information about the school, its history, news, and more. Reason 3: Bing’s image search adds an extra layer of search filters that Google users must drill down to find, including options to show only pictures with faces, for example, or display images in a particular layout.
The popular virtual private network (VPN) provider TunnelBear wants to earn your trust. The company just announced what it says is the first third-party public security audit in the consumer VPN industry. In short, a security company looked at TunnelBear’s servers, apps, and infrastructure to see if everything was up to snuff. The VPN provider hired Germany-based penetration testing company Cure53. The security company was given full access to TunnelBear’s systems and code for 30 days in late 2016 and another eight in early 2017. The end result was two audits, which TunnelBear and Cure53 published Tuesday. During the first audit, Cure53 found two critical vulnerabilities in TunnelBear’s Chrome extension, one of which allowed a malicious actor to turn off the extension. The auditors also found a critical vulnerability in TunnelBear for Mac that could allow a hacker to take over a user’s machine. All three vulnerabilities have since been patched.
Microsoft has backed off a possible confrontation with customers who had been told their two-to-four-year-old PCs were unfit for Windows 10, a sign, said one analyst, that the company remains unsure of its support strategy for the OS. Earlier this year, Microsoft blocked a class of low-end personal computers - those equipped with Intel's Atom system-on-a-chip (SoC) processors, dubbed "Clover Trail," from receiving the Windows 10 Creators Update. Also known as 1703 in Microsoft's year/month parlance, Creators was the first feature upgrade of the year, and the third since the operating system's launch. Windows 10 suffers from a support contradiction. On the one hand, Microsoft has said that the OS will be the last version of Windows, ever, implying that it will be updated and maintained - "serviced" in the company's vernacular - for all time.
The core problem: Microsoft still hasn’t figured out how to deliver reliable Windows patches. Patch Tuesdays have turned into massive beta-testing grounds where bugs crawl out of the woodwork and attack in unpredictable ways. Patching the mess we know as Windows, in all of its varied glory, is an NP-complete problem (that is, it’s “technically hard”). If everybody skipped Automatic Update, we’d be in an unholy mess. But folks who are willing and able to read the tea leaves don’t need to expose themselves to the risks of marching in lock-step with the Auto Update cadence. Patches are important, but you don't need Automatic Update to do them. Yes, certainly, you need to install updates regularly. Yes, absolutely, if your sainted aunt Martha can’t be trusted to make an informed decision, her PC should join the unpaid beta testers. But no, you don’t need to swallow updates according to Microsoft’s timetable. A bit of diligence and discernment can protect your machine from threats coming in from all directions.


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